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April 07, 2019


This is a vast topic. We suggest that you pick up one of the following links and then follow through on the references given within!

  1. Without a doubt, the place to start is our InfoCapsule. Here is the link : Coming soon.
  2. Association for Democratic Reforms has been the NGO agitating for election reforms in India for decades. They are the most authoritative source on all election practices.
  3. Election Commission of India has all the information and statistics that you would need on Indian elections
  4. Costs of Democracy: Political Finance in India A collection of essays edited by Devesh Kapoor and Milan Vaishnav, this volume gives a good academic coverage of the topic.
  5. How to win an Indian Election by Shivam Shankar Singh is a very readable and first person account of what all goes into election campaigning.
  6. Republic, lost: Version 2.0 by Lawrence Lessig talks about the influence of money in politics in US and some solutions.

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