How do you ensure that you are not biased towards a particular political party / ideology? How do we know you are outside the ‘Partisan framework’?

This question cannot be answered theoretically, but we are sure that we do so in practice. Do go through our Infocapsules and if you see any strong biases then please call us out on those.

Why is AskHow India voluntary?

Two reasons

  • A typical full time organization would be like any other media organization with a pressure to publish daily / weekly / monthly, and an overarching need to reach and engage readers at any costs – And we all know what these compulsions have meant for much of Indian media.
  • Also, since the big policy issues in India do not change much day-to-day or year-to-year, we have decided to focus only on big issues. We collaboratively engage with experienced professionals on these big issues until we have simplified them, without dumbing them down. This simplification of issues is far too time and effort consuming, and compensating our experts for this would be tough for even deep pocket corporations – hence the voluntary organization model.

This is like Open source, Wikipedia, and err … ahem … India’s freedom movement 🙂

How are you funded?

The time of our experts in collecting, analyzing and organizing information on different topics and, the conversion of this information into Infographics – is our single biggest expense. But this ‘expert time’ is voluntarily contributed by the team without any remuneration, so the need for funding does not arise.

Incidental expenses on website, travel, etc. are paid by the core team members themselves.

Can I use your output for free?

Yes. Our images are free for use in personal or commercial projects. However, do attribute AskHow India in every image use (Example: Image courtesy, AskHow India).

Are all publications in English? Any translations in other Indian languages?

We have translations of a lot of our work and it can be found here. We are happy to discuss translation in specific languages if there is a request for it.

How can I help AskHow India?

The AskHow India group does not own the AskHow movement. The goal is for more and more people to ask the question ‘How’ about the big political and policy questions.

We suggest the following models of engagement

  • Citizens: Become an Ambassador of AskHow India. Make a commitment to focus on big issues, not look at all issues from a partisan lens (it is absolutely OK to support or oppose a particular political party), focus on problem solving and not blame game. To promote the AskHow mentality, read up on policy issues (including the InfoCapsules on AskHow) and call out people who look at these issues without being aware of the basic facts. This calling out could be done on social media or in one to one conversations.
  • Media: Members of media have the tough job of writing / commenting on a very wide variety of issues. Often this is done under severe time pressure and across such diverse mediums as print and twitter. We are very happy for the media to use any or part of our output on this website to help them discharge this tough responsibility. We are also happy to talk to media persons on any issue we have analyzed. Please get in touch with us on AskHowIndia@gmail.com or twitter: @AskHowIndia Word to HTML converter and the online HTML cleaner are the best free online tools to transform Word, Excel, Google docs, and any other document to web content. Try to avoid bad HTML code when publishing online articles.